Tuesday, January 7, 2014


With "Sticky Situation," the first thought that popped into my head was a guy sticking to a wall. When I think of a guy sticking to a wall, I think of Spider-Man. For the repetition, it was a no-brainer as NYC brick buildings are a dime a dozen. So to be able to paint him, I started with a pencil sketch of the scene.

Following the sketch on canvas, I painted the background buildings and street below. After the background was completed, the building and window Spidey is crawling on is painted. Finally, Spider-Man's blue and red tights were painted, after putting the shine on his suit, presto!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Melting Hand

A melting hand on a log is pretty questionable sight, wouldn't you agree? In addition to being freaky, it also has proportion! This was done with a clay mold, seen below:

This is how the proportion was accomplished, after the mold formed, it was filled with hot melted wax, and set out to dry over night. After this, the wax hand was cut, and placed on the log and cloth. It was then melted with a heat gun and you have the end result! 

Che "Commie" Guevara

A potrait of a communist might be somewhat questionable, but the end result is really cool. This portrait is of Che Guevara, a communist revolutionary. We used layers of plaster to make a semi-3D face. Black ink was used to make the outline, while red paint was used to make the background. The splotches of "blood" were made by red food coloring. This all combines for a pretty cool end result!