Art 2 Final Portfolio

Most Successful 

My most successful piece (in my opinion) was easily the Spider-Man painting! Not only does it have cool lighting and shadow effects on Spidey, it also has a really cool perspective viewpoint! Created for the "Sticky Situation" and repetition theme, it really did turn out extremely cool. As stated on the first post on this, a sketch of Spider-Man and his surroundings was created. As soon as the sketch was completed, the background buildings and sidewalk was painted. Then, the Webhead and the building he is sticking to is completed! In my mind, the perspective and lighting are the best effects achieved, it really helps give the feeling and illusion that Spider-Man is high up from the streets! Overall, it's the best painting I've ever done!

Most Obstacles

The riskiest and most difficult project I have completed for this semester was the Melted Hand project I did for the "Questionable" themed project. The technique involved making a clay cast of my hand, which was filled in with hot wax. The wax was cut out resulting in a successful (but messy) result. The wax was then placed on a log, and then partially melted to make it seem as though it was melting into the log. In order to create the hand cast, the model hand had to be removed from the cast, which involved cutting the cast open and resealing it. While the wax dried and hardened, the clay also hardened, leaving some bits of clay stuck to it. Those bits of clay helped create a dirty effect, which was pretty cool!

Improving with Time

Although these two pieces were completed earlier in the year, I feel that they best demonstrate the growth I have shown as an artist this semester. At the beginning, I resolved to try out new materials and techniques. Now, I am using pens, charcoal, and even wax! The Che Guevara piece is made of plaster, ink, and even food coloring! It even has a three dimensional face, made with layers on top of layers. (Credit also goes to Breielle!) The second piece was actually my first picture for the "What's the Point" theme. While it is the first, it is the project that made me comfortable with charcoal, and taught me some really neat shading techniques! With the semester, I have also learned to adapt with certain situations, and make the best out of them, as I have learned with the hand! Overall, this semester, I can really say I have improved and expanded my artistic skills.

The New Method

The new method of learning art introduced to us this semester is easily one of the best methods to learn creativity and to expand horizons. I think the ability to choose a medium and your subject allows for greater creativity and encourages taking risks. The Melting Hand and the Guevara portrait are the best examples of how rewarding it is to be allowed to use trial-and-error. If I were told what medium I should use or what subject to depict, I would never have learned how to use plaster and wax. Allowing innovation helps create great pieces of art that could not otherwise be done. If innovation and risk taking helped create the Sistine Chapel and Disneyland, then imagine what could happen in the classroom!

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