Thursday, May 30, 2013

Acrylic Painting- Mountains, Fog, and Snow

 (Above) The completed sky and mountains
(Below) The sky and mountains along with the unfinished fog

 (Below) The finished painting
The painting is organized into four sections. The sky, the background, the middle ground, and the front ground. Atmospheric perspective was used on the mountains to help give a sense of realism and depth. Atmospheric perspective is when an object fades into the atmosphere. The farther an object is, the more faded it is in the atmosphere. The light source was created with a light purple in the dark purple sky, this helped determine where the objects in the painting would be bright and where they would be dark. The color scheme was an analagous scheme with cool colors. It used blue, green, and purple as the basic colors. The strokes used for the sky were long horizontal strokes that went across the canvas. The stroke used for the mountains were short up and down strokes, the fog strokes were curving with the fog clouds, and the the strokes used for the hills were curved and went along with the hills' slopes to help make it more realistic and make the hills seem seperate. Value was used to help emphasize depth and perspective, which helped maked the hills seem seperate, and make the mountains seem distant.

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