Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ceramics- Shallow Bowl

The medium of this project was a shallow bowl meant to hold fruits or chips. This bowl has a large size compared to the other pieces made. The design element the is stressed most is the curving of the bowl along with the design at the center. The technique that was used was to use another bowl as a template, sculpt the clay on it, and remove it once dry. The bowl's purpose is to serve as a fruitbowl or a bowl for chips. The design in the center was based on French symbols and paintings. The symbol was first scratched in when the bowl was removed from the template, then red clay was painted in so it would show up better. The red clay was painted before the bowl was placed in the kiln for the first time. If I could repeat this project and change the bowl in any way, I would make the center design more neat, and I would make the edges more smooth. This project taught me that patience is needed for this kind of work, and you must be careful and thorough when making pottery or clay sculptures of anykind.

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