Thursday, May 30, 2013

Escher Perspectibe- Game World

Inspired by Escher's  use of perspective, this is a drawing that utilizes perspective to create a world that is different from our own. This drawing used two-point perspective for the buildings and rectangle in the sky. To help create perspective, two additional sheets of paper were taped on to help extend where the points of perspective could be placed. Those points of perspective were used to help make dimensional buildings and the gamer shown in the sky. As the buildings were being drawn, the lines used to trace lines to the perspective points were erased so they wouldn't get in the way later. After the buildings and the massive rectangle in the sky were made, details such as windows, vehicles, clouds, the sun, and people were added. After the details were added, value was used to help create depth. The windows relected light and the people cast shadows along with the buildings. Perspective and value helped create a world being watched over by a person from another world.

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